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About the artist

Jeffrey is an artist living and working in Canada. His paintings, assemblage and prints are in public and private collections across North America.

Born in the US, his watercolor box was his prized possession in his early, rural years. His family moved to California where he went to high school and university. An obsession with color on paper, pencil on paper, and eventually, printing on paper led to self publishing handmade books. He did illustrations, graphics and hand printing poetry broadsides for the Unicorn Press in Santa Barbara.

After immigrating to Canada Jeffrey lived in Vancouver and several other British Columbia locations while developing a characteristic independent style of painting in acrylics and doing continued printmaking and typography.

Migrating to Toronto, Jeffrey continued painting, graphic work and screen printing for many years. Always a technophile he realized that the emerging personal computer industry would overwhelm much traditional media. After mastering several levels of programming he continued his graphic interests exploring multimedia and digital arts.

Over a decade ago he began creating assemblage from found objects. Finding much interesting metal beside railroad tracks, rust became a common theme. The Rust Factory series of found metal and magnet figures and masks most represent his work in recent years.

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What I do

I enjoy producing paintings, prints, assemblage, writing, code, creating other works and playing guitar.


Acrylic, water color, mixed media, murals and 3D painting.


Found objects, glass, doll parts, railroad metal and magnets.


Steemit blog, poetry, prose, songs, journals & books.


Student of song writing, guitar and live music fan.


History, literature, philosophy, sci-fi, news and more.

Graphic Art

Photographs, landscapes & portaits on paper and canvas.


Programs, functions, classes and custom application suites.


From punchcards to the blockchain and AI in under a lifetime!

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